About Us

Why Us?

Dynamism and ceaseless change amply reflects the IT industry and IT related services. To keep up with the best practices and the latest tools, and to effectively use them in software projects calls for veritable experience and expertise. SoftAge Technology, albeit only recently incorporated, has on board a motley crew of experienced professionals who had seen both the highs and the lows of the dot.com bubble and have since then participated in the consolidation phase of the IT industry into its current robust form.

Our forte, before our new avatar, had been small businesses and we have successfully aided many a small business to establish an online presence, by both conceptualizing their websites from scratch and also optimizing them to draw considerable business to their sites. From time-to-time we have developed apps and others applications for our customers, which have enhanced their business presence. We are savvy with the latest cutting-edge technologies including Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP etc and can either build or customize any software application to suit your business requirements.

Our team is particularly well-versed in developing online learning systems like LMS, CMS etc with some of our LMS software raking in millions for the parent company. As indicated above we do the entire gamut of web services including Website Design, CMS Design, ECOM Design, UI Design, Mobile Apps Design, Print Media etc. Also, our skillful SEO team can aid you in search engine optimization, social medial marketing, link building, blog services etc. Our young but enthusiastic soft skills team can undertake stand-alone content writing projects and deliver on time high quality and effective business brochures, website content, and other write-ups that can make your business stand apart.

By outsourcing your IT and IT related services to us you need not lose sleep over often encountered issues like loss of visibility, project control or compromise of confidential data. Our project managers will keep you regularly apprised about the progress of the project and our non-disclosure agreement promises you a relationship in which there shall be no breach of confidential data.

Call us now on 646-797-2777 or send your query to support@SoftAgeTechnology.com; we are eagerly waiting to automate all your manual processes or give a digital form to your business ideas.

We Want Your Business to Succeed and will do all we can to help you get the best from your website.  Call Today or Request a Quote & We’ll Guarantee a Better Deal & Services That You Can Get Locally.